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Elgin Waste Management expands into Covid-cleaning

Elgin Waste Management is an Enterprise Development project to grow entrepreneurial skills in matriculants. The business is owned by the Two-a-Day Educational Trust (51%) which funds tertiary education in any subject to qualifying applicants and 49% is held by Elgin Fruit Juices, the business that extracts value from the fruit which cannot be sold as fresh fruit on the export or local market by Tru-Cape Fruit Marketing, the largest exporter of South African apples and pears and a grower-owned business by the shareholders of Two-a-Day and Ceres Fruit Growers.

Elgin Fruit Juices Quality Manager Marie Venter provides mentorship, admin and leadership support to the Elgin Waste Management team.

“Elgin Waste Management has weathered its second year and Covid-19 and added some new skills,” says Venter adding: “We bought some misters, donned overalls and moved into the disinfection and sanitisation business. We are sure our twice weekly disinfection of the Grabouw Skills Centre and Dr Hess’ consulting space there, has had something to do with the low spread of Covid-19 at Two-A-Day and Grabouw Skills Centre’s ability to continue relatively normally with training throughout the pandemic and lockdowns last year. We were also asked to give Huis Silwerjare, Child Welfare, the Safe House and Kabouterland a good disinfection in June: this gave them some peace of mind and allowed Kabouterland to start up again with their feeding scheme. Huis Silwerjare has been treated a couple of times since and their Covid positive numbers are low,” she says.

According to Venter, Elgin Waste Management treated Elgin Fruit Juices weekly during last year and the factory reported five positive cases in July and three at the beginning of this year. The weekly treatment goes a long way to giving peace of mind, knowing that surfaces are disinfected and the chance of infection very low. “We have also given Two-A-Day admin a treatment, having added some foggers to our arsenal to deal with offices and their electronic requirements,” Venter says adding that while the service is still offered mainly to Two-A-Day Group companies, Elgin Waste Management is ready to help wherever needed. “Our chemicals are certified, MSDSs and certificates are available, and our staff is friendly and willing to help,” she says.

According to Venter, Elgin Waste Management still maintains the garden services side of the business and their team has grown from three to six people and we have two permanent ladies on board to clean the offices at Elgin Fruit Juices, Grabouw Skills Centre and Fruitmax Agri and one who fills in ad hoc. “The services are expanding, the team is small but efficient, and the company is showing a small but steady profit – all testimony to some very committed individuals.” Venter ends.

“Turnover currently is R969 000 says Lucian Fischer, who together with Ryno Snyders and Anzley Jacobs are among the original Elgin Waste Management team. Eyes are on the million Rand plus turnover for this year.

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